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The Surprising Alternative to Obamacare — but it’s complicated

Nearly three years into the implementation of Obamacare and any reasonable person can conclude that it’s not going well. In fact, the law may be increasing the number of uninsured while at the same time, increasing insurance rates for nearly everyone else. While this comes as no surprise to me and others who have spent time reading the law, many members of the media seem to be caught entirely off-guard.

If I Had a Son…

At the end of a holiday weekend, I am sitting with my wife in a local restaurant awaiting our last indulgence — vanilla Crème Brûlée and a couple of glasses of vino. But before we can officially end the holiday, she is on the phone with her son, providing motherly love and consolation as he wanders through a breakup that has been a long time in the making.

A Little Perspective

Is forty-seven too young to begin reflecting on one’s life? Had I been born one-hundred years earlier, it is likely I would have not have lived long enough to worry about such a query. But, here I sit, pondering over the past like I was about to take step into the unknown, maybe, never to return. What is it that prompts men to reflect on their lives? Is it a need to leave some sort of a mark, to leave something of consequence behind in this world that tells others you were here and maybe, more importantly, that you mattered?

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